We hope NICHE Custom Publishing will surprise and please you with a pricing approach that is both SIMPLE and EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE.

NICHE does all the work to have you reach every member of your bereaved population with a bereavement newsletter for 99¢/PIECE. That even includes all mailing services (except the postage itself, which is presently 20¢/piece for nonprofit mailing, 32¢/piece for standard mailing).

That translates to $7.23 TO PROVIDE A FAMILY WITH 6 NEWSLETTERS from hospice admission through a year of bereavement, including mailing costs. (Our premium Bilingual English & Spanish Service costs $1.09/piece, or $7.83 per family for the full set of 6 newsletters.)

The only additional cost is a fee of $10 per office per quarter for the work we do to provide you with the documentation you’ll need to pass muster with even the most demanding auditor. Plus, that comes with mailing list services, informing you of problem addresses in your database and change-of-address update long before you are likely to otherwise find out. 

In setting our price low, however large or small your hospice, NICHE is striving to fulfill our mission to serve as many hospices and as many bereaved souls as possible. No pricing charts, just one set price. No penalizing smaller organizations with higher rates for small press runs.

CONTACT MATTHEW KIELL to discuss your project and to get a quote:

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