The Article Lineup

NICHE’s 6-issue series of newsletters provides a varied and carefully orchestrated mix of about 40 features, taking families from patient admission through their first year of bereavement. 

HOSPICE ISSUE (Distributed by you just after patient admission)
• Hospice Is About Patients and Families
• A Dozen Ways You Can Help Yourself Move Forward
• What Exactly Is Grief?
• The Broader Role of the Chaplain
• What If You Encounter a Crisis of Faith?
— [Alternate: a piece on your hospice’s facilities, camp for kids, etc.]
• A Newsletter to Help You Through the Year

TRANSITION ISSUE (Distributed by you just after the patient’s passing) —
• Experiencing Numbness and the Dream
— [Part 1 of the 5-Part “Through the First Year” series]

• Is Bereavement a Process, a Task, a Journey, or What?
• Adjusting Back to Work and Life
• Five Basics for Handling the Stress of Losing a Loved One
• A Message as You Take on This Phase of Your Journey

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

Each Quarterly newsletter includes a “Through the First Year” lead article
and a “Message from Your Hospice” [See those lineups below]

WINTER ISSUE (delivery: 1st week in February) —
• Anniversary Reactions Throughout the Year’s Whole Cycle
• Keep a Journal – Written, Spoken, Photos, or Video
• Books About Grief That You May Find Worth Reading
• Music Can Heal 

SPRING ISSUE (delivery: 1st week in May) —
• When a Family Loses a Loved One
• How Pets Help You Heal
• Meet the Challenge of the Spring Holidays

SUMMER ISSUE (delivery: 1st week in August) — 
• Take Care of Yourself by Thinking Creatively
• Get Outside! Move Around! Take Advantage of the Season 

• Does Time Heal All Wounds? It’s Not That Simple  
• Watching Grief Expressed Onscreen

FALL/HOLIDAY ISSUE (delivery: 1st week in November) — 
• Consider the Candle Ceremony
• Greetings of the Season
• Helping Kids Through a Challenging Time of the Year 

• 11 Things You Can Do to Handle the Holiday Stress

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

A 5-Part Series Timed to Each Family’s Phase in the Bereavement Process —
• Part 1: Experiencing Numbness and the Dream [always appearing in the Transition Issue]
• Part 2: Into the Thick of Your Many Feelings
• Part 3: When Is It Simply Sadness and Grief, and When Is It Depression?
• Part 4Attaining Acceptance and What That Really Means

• Part 5: Taking Your Journey Beyond the First

“Message from Your Hospice” Lineup
• Transition Message: As You Take on This Phase of Your Journey
• First Mailed Issue: A Message About Redefining Your Time
• Articles That May Appear in 2nd & 3rd Mailed Issues:
— A Message About Renewal
— A Message About Gardens
— A Message About the Holidays
• Last Mailed Issue: A Message About How You Can Help

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