NICHE Custom provides your hospice with a bereavement newsletter presented with compassion, understanding and fresh magazine-quality writing. NICHE newsletters give you a polished design incorporating your branding, attention to deadlines and strong continuity of service. 

Moreover, your newsletter is customized in THREE broad ways: to your organization and, simultaneously, to two timing factors — the time of the calendar year and the phase of bereavement the family is experiencing.


CUSTOMIZATION — Your audience sees a publication branded to YOUR hospice, with a significant amount of information about you. Moreover, readers of the each issue get content focused on the bereavement needs at their stage of the grieving process, from the family member grappling with anticipatory grief while their loved one is in hospice to the newly grieving soul to those approaching the anniversary of a loved one’s passing.

EASE & CLARITY — We do the “heavy lifting.” With minimal time and effort, your hospice offers a world-class support newsletter to your bereaved constituents. Once the newsletter is set up, it almost runs itself for years to come.

READABILITY — NICHE understands the many elements involved in designing a bereavement newsletter that make it readable and inviting — print design & layout, photo use, brevity, the right writing tone and style, and many other factors. The articles are all written to a 5th-8th grade reading level (without being simplistic), most articles being toward the lower end of that scale. If the reader’s readability problem is they read SPANISH, you can, at a small premium, have a bilingual edition that delivers a Spanish version to them.

TIME SAVINGS — A NICHE newsletter saves your Bereavement Coordinators many hours of work providing advice and information to your bereaved. It frees up your Volunteers as well so you don’t use their valuable hours on the lower-value tasks of copying, collating, labeling & stuffing envelopes and licking stamps. (If you need to brainstorm how Volunteers can be better used, NICHE can offer a substantial list of ideas.) Your bereavement team can now focus 99% of its time on the small percentage of your families who need and want your personal attention and professional services. We recognize that you are hospice & bereavement professionals, not writers and publishers nor a mailing house. The hours — often many — spent on such tasks are hours robbed from your staff and volunteer time devoted to their core expertise and mission. Writing, publishing and distribution are OUR expertise and mission.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS — NICHE bereavement newsletters are set at a price point similar to template newsletters that barely let you customize beyond a tagline or two and a brief paragraph about your company. Plus they send you a stack of newsletters, requiring you do all the mailing work. (Take a look again at what we said about Time Savings.) We take care of your mailing. At the Standard rate, it costs only  $7.23 INCLUDING POSTAGE to provide a family/household with NICHE’s full 6-issue set of newsletters from admission through a year of bereavement. If you’re a non-profit (or have a Foundation) and your mailing list exceeds 2,000, your cost per piece is even lower.

MEDICARE COMPLIANCE — A bereavement newsletter can significantly help you meet Medicare’s requirements for hospices to provide established, regular and well-documented programs of services to the bereaved. With the recent refinements in the wording of regulations, bereavement requirements have broadened. A NICHE newsletter takes you most of the way toward meeting the new challenge of addressing bereavement concern from patient intake (as opposed to the traditional starting point of the patient’s death). Plus, the need for documented support beyond primary caregivers to other family and significantly affected individuals is easily solved with a NICHE newsletter.

[A word about HIPAA compliance: NICHE’s publication of your newsletter requires NO medical information about your patients. Indeed, the information we receive from hospices does not even identify your patients at all. Therefore, there are no issues concerning HIPAA compliance. With regard to our handling of your mailing list information, we sell no lists or information to any outside parties.]

MARKETING SUPPORT — Our COMMUNITY ISSUE (an adaptation of the HOSPICE ISSUE of your bereavement newsletter) is a high-value, multi-purpose marketing, outreach & education tool. For more, read “A Newsletter with Many Uses Beyond Bereavement.”

Review our SLIDE SHOW UP CLOSE and see for yourself how NICHE Custom Publishing can raise the bar on your bereavement support and help your hospice stand out from the competition. Then CONTACT US to discuss how we can specifically work with you.


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